Kick Start Plan (8 week online program)

The Kick Start Plan is a nutrition program designed for REAL busy people who are serious about improving their nutrition without too much time commitment. It works because it’s a hands-on and action-oriented program that is designed for you to get sh*t done and instill new habits that will last forever.

Kick Start Plan (For Bootcampers)

Kick Start Plan (For Bootcampers): $35

Kick Start Plan (For Non-members)

Kick Start Plan (For Non-members): $60


The details & what is included:

  • Group nutrition – There is no better way to get healthy than doing it with friends! Stay motivated and accountable to others in the program to experience best results possible.
  • Online program – This program will be conducted online via the dedicated Facebook group. All program materials will also be delivered to the participants here. This Facebook group is a closed group and only Kick Start Plan participants can be part of the group or see posts within it.
  • New focus content each week – Instead of receiving all of the information upfronts, each week you will be given new nutrition goals to focus on for that week (including supporting material and instructions). The purpose of this format is to give you the chance to make each new nutrition goal become part of your daily routine without becoming overwhelmed with too much information. However, it is important to note that each week is not intended to be isolated from the rest, as cumulatively practicing all your new learned habits throughout the program will only accelerate your results even more.
  • Action oriented program for motivated people – Each week, new “homework” will be given out to participants so that they can begin putting the nutrition goals of the week to practice right away. You can’t make anything a habit unless you practice it in your daily routine. New homework of the week will be posted each week on the dedicated Facebook group page.
  • G.S.D Awards: Recognition for people who got sh*t done – At the end of the program the top 2 participants who completed their “homework” and took an active role in sharing their new learned nutrition habits with others via Facebook (and/or other social media) will be each awarded a prize!
  • Kick Start Menu Plan – The Kick Start Menu Plan will be given the first week of the program. Additionally, you will be provided recipes throughout the length of the program.
  • Program Schedule and Topics covered in this program:
    • Week 1: Kick Start Menu Plan / Kitchen & Pantry Overhaul / Initial measurements
    • Week 2: Lunch & Dinner / Batch Cooking
    • Week 3: Breakfast Like a Boss
    • Week 4: Smart Snacking / Progress measurements
    • Week 5: Meals On the Run
    • Week 6: Make it Tasty
    • Week 7: Meal Makeovers
    • Week 8: Dinner With Friends / Final measurements