7-Day Spring Reset

7-Day Spring Reset


Has the winter taken a toll on your health this year? Ready for a fresh start to welcome the arrival of spring?

Changing seasons is a popular time to take on new lifestyle changes; however in contrary to the messages we see all around us this time of year, taking drastic measures (such as following restrictive calorie diets or detoxes) are not necessary to initiate positive change. Following any diet or exercise program that is too far from your reality or one that disrupts the balance in your everyday life will typically not be one that you will be able to maintain or benefit from in the long run. But, every now and then we all need a little push in the right direction to get out of our rut and start focussing on taking care of our body again – and for this reason, I have created my 7-Day Spring Reset Program!

This program is for those who are ready to get out of that winter slump and kick-start those good habits that have been forgotten about – without being extreme. Although I am against restrictive diets, you will be cutting out anti-foods (AKA processed foods/junk foods) from your diet since they do not contribute to you becoming a healthier you! You will NOT starve or feel hungry during this program as you will be eating PLENTY of real, nourishing, whole foods.

7 day spring reset program by wellness goddess

April 30 – May 6
Cost: $20

This program is for you if you would like to:

  • Get your nutrition back on track & go back to basics
  • Ditch unhealthy food/habits & stop sugar cravings
  • Improve your energy & feel amazing from the inside-out
  • Get your groove back on in the kitchen & feel excited about food
  • Adopt sustainable lifestyle changes & focus on taking care of your body


  • 7-day Meal Plan (easy & healthy seasonal recipes for main meals; quick snack ideas; list of foods to eat and ones to avoid) Note: All recipes and meal suggestions are free of dairy & gluten. Meat is included in this program, however, the plan can be modified if you prefer to eat vegetarian/vegan.
  • Daily “To Do” checklist to stay on track during the program
  • Simple healthy habits to kick-start a healthier lifestyle
  • Tips on ways to maintain your healthy diet and lifestyle habits
  • Access to the 7-Day Spring Reset Facebook group (This is where all the program info will be shared with you and it is also a place to ask questions. Sharing your journey here with other participants and hearing about theirs will help you stay inspired and motivated!)